Home care services are intended to improve patient’s health and quality of life. But this is best possible when each individual’s needs are communicated, understood, and addressed uniquely. That’s the reason DavidStar is committed to creating personalized home care plans to meet the needs of every individual.

We start by understanding the challenges faced by our clients which is followed by creating a unique care plan to address their challenges. Each tailored plan is focused on optimizing the quality of life by working on every aspect of day-to-day life, health, and medication. It comprises care based on the client’s necessity — be it taking care of daily errands, housekeeping, meal preparation, or specific care related to health and medicine for chronic illness or treatment.

DavidStar’s each home care plan is —

  • Customized for the patient’s and family’s needs.
  • Customized for the patient’s and family’s needs.

And it doesn’t stop there — our care plans are equally flexible. Every individual’s needs are likely to change over time and it’s essential to update the care as per the changing needs.

Further, we specialize in flexibility where our caregivers assist you based on your request. We cater the care on —

  • Hourly basics
  • Short stay (3 hours)
  • Overnight
  • Live-in basics
  • On-demand basics

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