Proper nutrition is crucial for a healthy life — and it goes for people of all ages and gender equally. But it gets even more vital for elderly people to help them withstand the illness, fight the debilitating effects of aging, boost the immune system, help better sleep, improve mood, and overall live a healthy and quality life.

We here at DavidStar Home Care provide meal planning and meal preparation assistance to seniors. Our caregivers help to prepare meals and plan a nutritionally balanced menu as per the diet goals and taste preferences. Your loved ones no longer have to stress out about cooking and planning because our caregivers will do it for them.

Here’s what our meal planning and preparation care include:

  • Help follow special diets such as Kosher diet, low sodium diet, cholesterol-restricted diet, vegetarian diet, diabetic diet, etc.
  • Cook and provide Kosher meals
  • Plan and prepare meals ahead
  • Mealtime feeding assistance
  • Meal preparation assistance
  • Plan grocery lists
  • Ensure the quality of food, check expiration, etc.
  • Do dishes
  • Clean and organize fridge and cupboards
  • Help planning the menu

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